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about trying it help this government stand up security and deal with what is a very dangerous environment, from east to west, then we have to work together. i also hope we're looking forward, because right now, libya is still dangerous, it is still in a very unstable status, and whatever we can do for them, we at least ought to agree we need to do and get out there and start delivering. >> one of the members of the senate foreign relations committee, who is asking questions, is the new hampshire senator jean chacin, former governor, democratic member of the committee, who was in the hearing room. you're joining us right now from the russell building. senator shaheen? and as we wait for senator shaheen to get all hooked up there and get the audio straightened out, we've been talking about hillary clinton's testimony today in the senate. this afternoon she's going to be testifying in the house, the house foreign relations committee, which has been just as tough, if not more so than the senators have been, on the record of why susan rice was the person going out on the sunday tal
the laebtory is in the states where republican governors are governing, and they can put them to practice those principles as we saw with scott walker. god bless scott walker in his ability to stand firm on those principles and move the people to his view and position on why the economic strategy and approach he was taking was important for the longer term health of his state. those are the good examples of success -- those governors in very tough states for republicans by and large are doing well because they have married up those principles with the policies in a way that the american -- that the people in their state appreciate. not just the activists in the party. >> thank you very much. the state of emergency in egypt. we'll be live in cairo. >> how could the political unrest in egypt impact president obama's second term? you're watching andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ] i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus sev
and hustle back here and to prevent the government from shutting down the congress had this power, the constitution gave the president this power for recess appointments. >> noefr apeeltz court abbinging on judge william pryor said that a president could make these appointments during these little short breaks. it does seem like this very case is headed for the supreme court, but for today certainly at the very least it invalidates a lot of action over the labor relations board over the past year. it calls into question actions by the consumer protection board. if this decision holds it's going to scale back a power that presidents of both parties have used. >> and let me just be clear here because what the senate has been doing is gaveling down for 15 seconds. >> right. >> they say that they're in session, but they just gavel down, and it's one person who stays in town and does that. it's not a real session. the white house, of course, said that that was a sham. this is the appeals court. it's republican-appointed, but that's because of the current judges on that court, the three
on the other side. >> yeah. you know, his governing and electoral coalition for the last four years has been unlikely thing. it's been big and full of folks that the democrats typically have not been able to put on the table together. it was never in his interest to fully reveal himself and getting re-elected because it might not have helped him. i think yesterday he did kind of say exactly finally in a way who he is and where he wants to go, and he really hasn't before. you know, i was probably the only person thinking about george w. bush's second inaugural address when he said i want to liberate all people all over the world, and even conservatives thought are you nuts, are you crazy? you can't do that. yesterday obama talked about really liberties at home, both in terms of gay rights and in terms of health care and in terms of the power to do good, the power to make good, the power to be something. that was a much more narrow vision, and one he said we won't get done all in one fail swoop. to me this was the obama we really hadn't seen, and i think a good indication of where he is headin
and high-tailed it away from the compound. there's no security that's there that's real. the government has no control, and i i do think that certainly people there on our behalf, especially out in areas like benghazi are there at great risk. you know, i feel relatively good about our folks in tripoli. we have a different regime there. it's an unsafe country, and candidly, has a lot -- we've had that vacuum that the arab spring created there that is really being filled in by extremists and militants. we're seeing that in mali. we're seeing that obviously in algeria, and it's something that we as a nation are going to contend with for some time, and i hope that senator kerry and the new defense secretary, whoever that ends up being, it looks like, you know, it may be chuck hagel, i hope that they will push ahead with policies that recognize that the country -- the world is a very unsafe place right now. i don't think for some period of time now we fully have taken into account these mutation that is have occurred as it relates to the arab spring. >> thank you so much, senator corker. >> than
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)